Ready to knock your
proposal out of the park?

We’ve got your back!

Are you planning to propose to your partner soon? We’ve got a package that’s perfect for delivering the details with a minimum of planning or stress for you! We’ve been helping couples elope intimately for over five years, and we’re now expanding to be able to help more couples get engaged.

When & Where

Spring? Summer? Tomorrow? Based on what you love, we’ll help you choose the perfect spot.

Photos & … more photos!

Always finding the best light, capturing the happiness and all of the candid moments to send to family, ya know, later!

Our Proposal Package

Propose in Style


  • Curated list of outdoor proposal locations (we’ve already done the work for you!) in Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Troy
  • Chilled champagne and a chocolate treat
  • Option to add on a dozen red roses
  • Professional photographer for 30 minutes
  • Online Gallery of (at least 40 of) your images to browse, print, and share
  • Suggestions for the “ruse” to keep the proposal secret
  • Curated list of caterers & restaurants for an after-proposal gathering of family & friends

Here’s how this will go down!

We have two options for how the proposal can go!

Ready, Set, Go!
Table with champagne & chocolate (& optional red roses) is set and waiting for you as you arrive. Once you arrive, you propose and we photograph the whole thing!

Let’s Celebrate
You arrive at designated spot, you propose, and then we arrive and set up table w/champagne & chocolate (& optional red roses). We photograph the whole thing!

Don’t worry! we’re your engagement entourage and we’ll help you knock this out of the park! We’ve taken care of the romantic details so you can just focus on your love and sealing the deal! 

Reach out and let’s make it happen! We’ll talk, help you make some choices, and handle the rest for you. So you can focus on the stuff that actually matters.